Entering referral sources in Applied TAM is the best way to teach Rocket Referrals which of your clients are the most active promoters. It will immediately categorize that referral source as a promoter in Rocket Referrals. This will drive follow up Thank You Cards, Loyalty cards and have a huge impact on improving your online reviews. Here is how to get started tracking referrals in Applied TAM:

If you have note been tracking your referrals in TAM using activity codes before now, you will want to create a new Activity Code first.  

Adding a new Activity

On your left-hand navigational bar select > Utilities.

Select > Define Activity Categories

Under Manage Activity File Defaults > Click Add.
Next, Add a new activity Code = REF and type Description = Referral Source.
Click OK. 

4.) Under the Define Activity Defaults set the Follow Up days & Further Action to "0".
In Select an action, select "No further action; leave item open". Then, click OK. 

Tracking referrals by client

You are now ready to start tracking referrals using activity codes. To test this, select a client. Click the "Activities" Icon, select the "Add" button to add a new Activity.

Each Activity type has a corresponding Description field which can be edited. This is where you would type in the name of the person who made the referral. 

Rocket Referrals will accept a name in either: First Last or Last, First format. This name should match exactly how the client is entered in TAM. One way to avoid mismatches is to track your referrals using the TAM Customer ID of the individual who made the referral. If the person who referred is not a client (e.g. center of influence, Realtor, mortgage broker), go ahead and add them to Rocket Referrals as a professional contact

Running the Activity Report

You are now ready to run your Activity report and upload to Rocket Referrals. When running the reports, select the Reports tab on the left hand navigation.  Next under the Report Selection tab under > Report Type, select > Reports - Activities > Activity Report.

Under the Criteria tab, select > Date Selection and change the selection to > All Dates

3.Under Criteria > Activity Codes > Select Activity Codes. Select only the new Activity Code (REF) which you have created to track referrals for inclusion on the report. Click OK. 

4.Under Criteria > Open/Closed select > All 

You will now want to Save these criteria as a User Defined reports (follow same steps listed in steps 6-10 here in creating a personal lines report.  Once saved, run and export the Activity Report as Excel Raw Data file.

Save file and upload

Check the following boxes in Advanced Settings

a.) Client must have an active policy

b.) Only update existing contacts

c.) Only import prospect if they have been referred

d.) The first row contains column headings. 

You may now upload and map your Activity Report

We suggest that you start by entering referral source information on all new clients that come through the door. Start by asking a simple questions to all your new customers and prospects, "Who was it that referred you? We'd love to send them a thank you card." They will stop for a moment and then give you the name. 

Don't get overwhelmed with getting all your past client referrals uploaded to Rocket Referrals immediately. Improving your data is a process. You can then add other referral sources to TAM. If you have collected previous referrals on a spreadsheet or in your agent's memories, try to backfill another 5-10 referral sources a week and soon you will see the number of referrals you are receiving rise as Rocket Referrals learns who are your top promoters! Your Net Promoter score will rise as a result. As always, feel free to send us an email to support@rocketreferrals.comor call us at (888) 978-8325 if you ever need any help.