Select the Reports Tab

Click Search and then select Save as User-Defined under output destination

Select Policies Current


Enter the Criteria Tab and select Lines of Business change to All lines of business.

Find Record Listings under the criteria tab and select Only One Per Policy

You will want to make sure all policy statuses that are in use by your agency are included

Go to the Field/Sort Tab> Under the Data File Choices switch between Policy Data and Customer Data to select the fields listed below. Once you have selected these fields, press Save.

Date First Written
Policy Effective Date
Policy Expiration Date
Policy Type
Total Commission Amount
Policy Number
Issuing Company
Policy Premium
Policy Status
Lines of Business
Email address
Customer street
Customer city
Customer state
Customer zip
Customer number
Customer name
Customer Heading
Customer Attention
Contact First Name (Contact Dropdown)
Contact Last Name (Contact Dropdown)
Contact Middle Name (Contact Dropdown)

Go back to Report Selections> Press the Run button on the top left corner.


For report title put Rocket Referrals Book of Business> for Default Output Destination press the little printer icon and select Excel-Raw Data> Press Okay. The system will let you know that your report has been saved successfully.

Go to the User Defined tab on the left side> select User Defined Searches and select the Rocket Referrals Book of Business report. Under the Output Destination select Excel-Raw Data and press the Run button on the top left corner.

Send to send output to a new file name > Ok.

Once done copying, press Yes to load the excel file. Once the file has downloaded and opened on your desktop, save it to your computer.


Now, back in Rocket Referrals, you'll need to add a custom contact field named "Cust_Name". To add the custom field, go to your set-up tab and press the Custom Fields button. Press the Add field button and enter the field name.

On the back, have your Rocket Referrals Account Manager add the following filters:

Go into Rocket Referrals> Contacts Tab> press the green Import Contacts dropdown> Upload a New File. Once the file is checked, press the Next button and map the fields from TAM to the fields in Rocket Referrals.