When we upload the reports initially to generate the email addresses, we must first upload the regular customer report and map it correctly, and then, we must must upload the email report and make sure the "only update existing customers" box is selected in the Advanced Setting on the mapping screen.

Rocket Referrals can receive reports from Applied Epic on a scheduled basis; eliminating the need for regular, manual uploads.

To get started using Rocket Referral's secure email import feature, you will begin by adding Rocket Referrals as a Vendor in your Applied Epic account.

Make sure you have full account access in Epic with the ability to create scheduled reports before starting.

Step One: Add new Vendor Under Account Detail, select 'Add an Account'. Type in 'Rocket Referrals' and click 'Create Account Name/Code'.

Add New Vendor

Step Two: Edit Vendor Contact Info Once added, select the pencil icon to edit Rocket Referral's vendor information.

Edit Vendor Contact Applied EPIC

Step Three: Locate your private email import address For this step, you will need to login to your Rocket Referrals account. Proceed to: Setup > Integration > Email Import > Configure > Email Addresses. Here, you will be able to view a digest of previous uploads. To the right of the last upload (that matches the report you will be importing via email) is a private email address. You will be using this as the email address of record for the Vendor contact you just created. Copy this to your clipboard by right clicking and selecting 'Copy'.

Note: If you have not previously uploaded the report you are about to email to Rocket Referrals, you will want to complete this step before proceeding. For questions on configuring your account to accept Email Imports click here.

Private Email Import Applied EPIC

Step Four: Add your private email to the Edit Vendor Contact screen in Epic under Email. For this step, right click and paste the private email address from your clipboard to the email address for Rocket Referrals in the Vendor Contact screen in Epic. You will want to add a phone number for Rocket Referrals as well. Use our toll-free number (888) 978-8325. Then, click 'Save'.

add email to vendor contact Applied EPIC

Step Five: Set Delivery Options in Epic to email your report nightly to Rocket Referrals For this step, you will need to select the report which you've built and uploaded previously to use in Rocket Referrals.

Schedule the reports for delivery in the following order
-Client List Report
-Book of Business Report
-Referral Report

Next, select 'Delivery Options' and then 'Add Recipient' by clicking the dog-eared paper icon. Once the pop-up screen appears, select the magnifying glass icon next to Recipient.

Delivery Options Applied EPIC

Step Six: Set Rocket Referrals as your Vendor in Delivery Options For this step, select Vendor from the drop down menu and then click the magnifying glass icon in the Lookup code field. In the Account Lookup window: Search where: Account Name > Contains > Rock. Then, select the Rocket Referrals vendor and click Finish.

Set Rocket Referrals as Vendor Applied EPIC

Step Seven: Edit Recipient delivery options. For this step, select the pencil icon next to 'Vendor'. In the subsequent pop up window, ensure Email is selected and the Printer field is cleared. The email field should display the private email address you inputted to Rocket Referral's Vendor account in Epic in Step 4. From the drop down menu on the right, select 'Attach as CSV'. Click Finish.

Edit Recipient

Edit Recipient 2

Step Eight: Set delivery dates and times For this step, you will finalize your delivery frequency and times. For optimal delivery of communication and followup with your clients, we recommend nightly delivery of reports to Rocket Referrals. This will ensure we stay up-to-date with daily updates of client information in your Epic account. Enter a recognizable Subject line (e.g. Daily Rocket Referrals Book of Business Report).

Important: The "From email" should be the same email address you've configured your Rocket Referrals account to accept emails from (see screenshot below).

Under Scheduling, select today's date to begin sending reports. We'd suggest scheduling delivery at night, but it can be any time. Under Recurrence, select 'Daily'. When done, hit the 'Save' icon in your upper navigation bar. Then, hit your Actions button to generate which will schedule your nightly delivery.

Set delivery dates and times

You are now ready to roll! Make sure to check your Rocket Referrals account tomorrow to ensure your report has imported properly. If not, check the outbound mail folder from the email account which you entered as the "From email". If it didn't send, contact Applied support, (800) 999-6512, to ensure your account is functioning properly. If the report is sending, but you don't see it populating to your Rocket Referrals account, send us an email to help@rocketreferrals.com or call us at (888) 978-8325 and we'll be glad to help you get things working perfectly!