Before starting, make sure the 3 EPIC reports (Client List, Book of Business, and Referral Report) are delivered first.

We will use the same Criteria as the *Client List Report:

In the EPIC Account > Click on My Reports > Make sure the "Rocket Referrals Client List" is highlighted > Click Actions > Create New Report

Create Report in "My Report" and name your Birthday Report.

This will keep the same exact Criteria as the Client List Report.

Since we created a new report from the already created RR Client List, you will not need to modify the Criteria

Edit Layouts: Select Layouts > Client List > Pencil Icon to Edit

The only fields you'll really need is: Account Lookup Code, Date of Birth, First Name, Last Name, Primary/Main Business Contact

To get to the "Date of Birth" field > Client > Contact > Individual Personal > Date of Birth > Save


Generate Report and Save as Excel Workbook.

Before you download the report, remove the Vendor since it's taking the same exact information from the Client List Report

Make sure the Method is "Save to Disk" and it is saving as an Excel file.
Actions > Generate Report


Upload Report/Apply Filters to Contact Import
(Rocket Referrals employees only have access to filters)

Upload the report to Rocket Referrals but do NOT import. You will need to go back to the admin page > select the uploaded report > edit contact import task > apply the filter below > save > then finish uploading the importing file.

Put a SPACE on the "First Name" filter, this way it will only send out to clients that have individual policies and does not have a Secondary on the account.

Finish importing the report with the mappings below
Be sure to check "Only update existing contacts" before importing


NEXT STEP: If you'd like to automate the uploading of your Epic report nightly, you can set up Epic to deliver reports via a secure email upload to Rocket Referrals. To find out how, click here.

Keep in mind that you'll want this upload to be the last report delivered

Note: Still working on a Spouse Birthday report, will update article when this is complete.