Make sure your professional contacts are listed as an Other Interest

Goto Account and select the Other Interest List report

Under Modify Criteria, select Active Inactive Status and select Active

Save the report

Select Delivery Options

Select the pencil to edit

Uncheck Notify Only and check Save to Disk
7.1 Select CSV from the save as dropdown
7.2 Select the file location you want to save it to and click Finish

If you are scheduling the report, leave Notify Only checked, clear out the content in the Printer section, and input the respective report's email. You will need to manually import it once before being able to schedule it. More information on how to schedule reports in EPIC can be found here.

Generate the report

Log into Rocket Referrals and import your file under the contacts tab (see how to import files manually into Rocket Referrals here).

Name the report with a unique name and select Professionals

Map the fields as shown below

Your fields may differ. If you are ever unsure of how to map a field, please reach out to your account manager or call the support line for assistance: (888) 978-8325

Finish the import by clicking Next

Your professional contacts are now imported into Rocket Referrals and will be listed under the category Professionals.

That Rocket Referrals does not communicate with professionals outside of generating thank you cards if they refer your agency business.