Note: You must create and import your Client List Report before importing the book of business report.

Creating Book of Business Report in Epic

Select Policy

1.1. Right-click Book of Business - Policy Book 

1.2. Select Copy Report To

Check the My Reports checkbox

2.1. Rename the list to Rocket Referrals BOB and click Finish

Go to My Reports

3.1. Select Rocket Referrals BOB

Modify the criteria as set out below

Note: Some accounts will not have all of these criteria fields as options in their EPIC account

Region > All
Agency > All (change if multiple agencies)
Branch > All  (change if multiple branches)
Department > All (Change if only doing personal or commercial line clients)
Profit Center > All  
Account Lookup Code > All 
Client Type > Insured  
Policy Type > All (Change if excluding certain policy types)
Line Type > All
Policy Effective Date > All
Policy Expiry Date > All
Issuing Company > All
Line Premium Payable Company > All
Line Payable Broker > All  
Line Producer > All
Line Status > All
Account Status > Both
Prospective/Contracted > Contracted
Policy Premium Billed > All
Policy Premium Annualized > All
Policy Commission Billed > All
Policy Commission Annualized > All
Account Agency Defined Opti > All  
Parameter Page > Exclude parameter page (Make sure the parameter page is set as exclude)
Service Summary Stage > Selected

Select Layouts

5.1 Select the pencil icon

Delete all headers and footers except the Details field.

Delete all of the values

7.1 Use the navigation folders to find the appropriate fields and drag selected fields below to the Detail field.

Fields will be in the following folders to grab and put on the report. 

Book of Business Folder > Client Folder
Account Lookup Code 

Policy Folder
Policy Type Name
Main Policy Number
Policy Effective Date
Policy Expiry Date
Department Code
Policy Premium Billed or Annualized or Estimated (Ask them which one they use)
Policy Commission Billed or Annualized or Estimated (Ask them which one they use) 

Line Folder
ICO Name
Agency First Written

7.2. Click Save All (multiple disc icon) to save the report. 

Select Delivery Options
8.1. Select the pencil icon** to edit the current user

Delete out any content in the Printer field and email fields

Note: You may need to uncheck the Notify Only checkbox first

9.1. Check the Save to Disc checkbox

9.2. Save the file as a Microsoft Excel Workbook (.xlsx)9.3. Select a location to save and click Finish

Click Save at the top-right

10.1. Select actions and generate the report.and then select Actions > Generate Report.

Save again to your computer and then open the file to make sure data looks correct.

Upload/Import Report

Map the report according to the criteria below

Note: If you are uncomfortable mapping the fields below, please contact Rocket Referrals' support (888.978.8325) for assistance.

Next Step: Referral Report

Once imported, proceed on to the next report: Referral Report