If you'd like to see the referral entering process before creating the report, please click here.

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Creating an Agency Defined Category and an Agency Defined Option

Click Configure

Select Account and then Agency Defined Categories

Find your referral category, select the plus sign under Options and type in Client Referral

If there is no referral category, you can create one by typing a name and selecting clients and company

Click Finish

Creating the referral report

Please set the custom fields first before continuing with the report creation

Right-click Client List and select Copy Report To

Rename the list to Rocket Referrals Referral Report and click Finish.

Make sure the My Reports checkbox is checked

Go to My Reports and select Rocket Referrals Referral Report

Modify the criteria as outlined below:

Modify the criteria as set out below

Some accounts will not have all of these criteria fields as options in their EPIC account.

Region > All
Agency > All (Change if multiple agencies)
Branch > All  (Change if multiple branches)
Department > All (Change if only doing personal or commercial line clients)
Profit Center > All  
Account Lookup Code > All 
Account Name > All
Client Type > Insured
Policy Type > Both for all types: Agriculture - Personal (Change if excluding certain policy types)
Account Status > Active
Inactive Date > All
Inactive Reason > All
City > All
State/Province > All
Postal Code > All
County > All
Country Code > All
Account Agency Defined Options > Selected*
Date Entered > All
Related Account Code > All
Record Listing > Each Time Found
Parameter Page > Exclude parameter page (Make sure the parameter page is set as exclude)
Conditions of Policies > At least one current/renewed policy
Date of Birth > All
Account Address Site ID > All

* Uncheck All agency defined options and click the magnifying glass

Select your referral agency defined option and click Finish

Click the double down arrow button

Select Layouts

Select the pencil icon

Include the following fields:

Client Folder
Account Lookup Code
Account Name
Account Agency Defined Option
Account Agency Defined Category
Related Account Code
Relationship Role
Relationship Role 1
Relationship Role 2
Source Account

Select Delivery Options then click the pencil icon to edit the current user

Delete out any content in the Printer field and email fields and check the Save to Disc checkbox

You may need to uncheck the Notify Only checkbox first

Select a location and select .xlsx as the file-type and click Finish

Select action and the Generate Report

Make sure to click Save at the top-right

Upload/Import Report

Map the report according to the criteria below

You will need to create your custom fields and filters for this report before continuing with the import. Agency Defined Category Not Equal Referred Account Ignore Row)

Note: If you are uncomfortable mapping the fields below, please contact Rocket Referrals' support (888.978.8325) for assistance.