Go to Marketing > By Policy

Select Contacts with Email Addresses & Contacts without Email Addresses. Under Type, select Personal.

Go to the Policy (General, Billing) tab. Select Status(es) > Active. Now, click Extract

Under Extract Options select > Contacts AND Policies,  Include Agency Information > No, Include Field Names > Yes. Click OK.

Name your File (Example: Rocket Referrals Client List). Export as .txt file.

When you export it will say, Open, Open Folder or Close. Click Close.

Open a blank Excel Worksheet.

Click the Data file header at the top of your screen. Select "From Text". Then, select the .txt file which you downloaded. It is probably going to be in your Inbox folder. (C:\\Users\\YourName\\MyDocuments\\VCAttach\\Inbox\\RocketReferralsClientList.txt)

Make sure "Comma" is selected as the Delimiter and click Load. If they are on a newer version of Excel, it should load the Excel Sheet and you are able to save from there. (Skip to step 11)


Click to Import. Another box will appear. Select > Extract to Delimited. Click Next. Check the box for Tab and Comma. Then click Next. Now click Finish.

Your file can now be saved as an Excel Workbook.

To import your file:

Log in to your Rocket Referrals account, and go to your Contacts tab. Press the Green Import Contacts button> Import a new file, Browse for the file, wait for it to upload and press Next. Once on the mapping screen, map your screen as shown below and press Preview Import, and then Looks Good, Finish.