Rocket Referrals schedules emails to be sent to new contacts welcoming them to your business. We have multiple templates to choose from that have been pre-written and tested with top agencies across the company. 

Sometimes, you may want to combine other forms of welcoming that you have done in the past to gain increased efficiencies. One example is a Welcome Kit. Many agencies have been mailing these by hand for years. When it comes to the mail, for highest effectiveness, we suggest keeping it personal and handwritten. This is why you might provide access to your welcome kit in the Introductory email. The client still gets the information and the mail is reserved for a more personal approach.

Here is how you make the change. Go To Setup > Communications > Templates. Click the blue Edit button next to the Introductory Email you are using. (Alternatively: You can also create a template of your own by clicking the green "New Template" button.)

This next step requires a little bit of code to pull off. In the sentence in the email explaining to the client that they should "Click here" to download your welcome kit, you will want to make sure that words "Click here" provide a link where they can download the welcome kit. You may need to speak with your website provider first or, if you are adventurous, upload the welcome kit yourself to your website. Then, provide the link to that webpage where people can download the file.

Once you have the link enter it in this format to your email:

<a href="_[_\_Kit\_JurgensInsurance.pdf">Please_](>Please) _click here</a>

Go ahead and copy and paste the code above to use as a template. Place this code wherever in the sentence the words would normally go. Make sure the words 'Please Click Here" are replaced with whatever words you are using to get people to download your Welcome Kit. Then, replace the website link with the link where people can download your Welcome Kit.

To preview your work, simply click the Preview link. You should see the words highlighted in blue indicating an active link. Make sure to hit Save, to save your work and you are ready to roll! If you have not already, make sure to select this new template as the default template by selecting the "Use This One" button by the template you have edited and hit the Save button.

If you would like to test out your work, you can add yourself as a contact by going to Contact > Add Contact. Once that is done, find yourself in contacts then click the Schedule Communication drop down menu, select your Introductory Email and hit Approve > Send Now. This will send you a sample email, which you should be able to click the link and download your Welcome Kit.

As always, if you have any questions, shoot us an email to