Rocket Referrals provides the option to add gift cards to our handwritten cards. This way you can show your appreciation to a client – for a referral – or just because you're a nice person!

We have teamed up with Tango Cards to provide a single gift card applicable to over 85 stores and charities – so you can be sure your clients receive a gift worth redeeming.

To add gift cards to your handwritten communication, you must first have a gift card balance in your Rocket Referrals account. This balance is a pool of credit that you will pull when a gift card is sent on your behalf. We only charge a 3% fee plus 30 cents when you add funds (just to cover card processing fees).

Add credit to your gift card balance by first going to the Setup Tab and then clicking the Buy More dropdown and selecting Gift Card Balance

From here, add the desired balance to the gift card fund

Now you have the option of adding a gift card to a specific handwritten card, or you can add a gift card to a template which will automatically attach a set amount to a specific type of communication.

For example, many clients add a gift card to their Thank You card template so that all future scheduled Thank You cards will have a gift card automatically attached.

To do this, go to the Setup tab and select Settings under the "Communication" section. Then, select the Options key across from "Thank You Card" and select Template.

Locate the Thank You card template you want to add the gift card to and push Edit. 

Click to add a gift card and the desired amount

Now all future Thank You cards will have a gift card with this amount attached. If you want to add a gift card to a specific handwritten card or edit an existing card, start by locating the piece of communication, clicking on it, and pushing Edit.

Add the desired amount

Make sure you push Save. Remember, you can add a gift card to any type of handwritten communication in the same way.