Rocket Referrals includes the option of receiving a weekly Activity Summary. This summary provides an overview of significant statistics regarding your account, weekly changes, and suggestions of steps to take to improve overall success.

The Weekly Summary includes the following statistics:

Net Promoter Score
Communications Sent
Likely to Recommend
Facebook Likes
Negative Comments

The number to the right indicates the overall total accumulated for a category since the creation of your Rocket Referrals account.

A + green number indicates the positive change over the last week.

A - red number indicated the negative change over the last week.

Also included in the Activity Summary are suggestions of actions to take to improve the effectiveness of Rocket Referrals. These are located under Next Steps.

You may click directly on the link of each Next Step to bring you to the appropriate location to take immediate action.

Users can choose to turn this notification ON and OFF within Email Notifications for an individual User found in the Setup Tab.