Access to Rocket Referrals is controlled at several levels:

Control who can setup and administer the main Rocket Referrals account.
Control the contacts that a user can view and edit when they sign in.
Enable or disable the ability for a user to login to Rocket Referrals.

Account Administrators

An account administrator is allowed to perform all functions on a Rocket Referrals account.

Edit and view all contacts added to Rocket Referrals
Add new users and manage user access
Manage billing and subscription details
Add and edit content templates
Turn on and off communications
Assign new account administrators

Account Owner

An account owner is a point of contact for Rocket Referrals. This setting does not grant any additional permissions, however it is used as a designation when working with Rocket Referrals support. If a user is an account owner, they will receive important information about their account such as when billing information is outdated, and may also call support and make account decisions such as adding a new service.

User Access

By default, a user added to Rocket Referrals will only be able to view and edit the contacts for which they are set as the primary contact. These settings may be changed by editing a user from the setup tab. Note: only an administrator may change a user's access level.

Changing a user's access level

Log in as an administrator.
Click "Setup" in the top navigation.
Click on the user's name you would like to edit, or click "add new" to create a new user.
Use the Contact Access settings on the right to control access and click save.

Account Administrator Setting: Selecting this will set the user as an administrator and allow them to perform all functions in Rocket Referrals. Account administrators will be able to view and edit all contacts regardless of the contact view and edit settings. Note: You cannot remove the account administrator setting from yourself. If you no longer wish to be an account administrator you must first assign the setting to someone else and then ask that they remove it from your account.

Contacts Viewable/Editable Setting: You may choose to allow this contact to view/edit all contacts in Rocket Referrals or only their own. By selecting Only their own the user will only be able to view/edit contacts that have them set as the primary contact. Otherwise they will be able to view/edit all contacts in the system.

Account Owner Setting: Selecting this will mark the contacts as an account owner and have the responsibilities as outlined above. Note: You cannot remove this setting from your own account. If you would like to remove it, first add it to another user and ask that they log in and remove it from your account.

Disable Login Setting: Selecting this will disable the login for this user. Their account stays in tact, but will not allow them to log in.