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Reasons for "Access Denied"

User access is controlled by three main settings, which should be shown in the access denied error message you received.

Account Administrators "Manage Account"
Contact Edit Access
Contact View Access

If you have "Manage Account" access, you should be able to perform all functions in Rocket Referrals. Please call support at (888) 978-8325.

If you do not have "Manage Account" access, then you may be trying to access a function only available to account administrators such as changing a template, buying additional services or modifying account settings. To fix this, you may email one of your account admins which will be listed at the bottom of the error message.

If you were trying to access a contact or communication and then received the error, you probably don't have access to that contact. These settings are controlled with the "Contact Edit/View Access" settings. Specifically if you are set to Edit or View only your own contacts you will only be able to view or change contacts that have you are set as the primary contact.

If you are trying to access a contact that you believe you should have access to, have an account administrator assign them to you:

Click on "Contacts" in the top navigation
Click on a contact's name
Click Edit Contact
See the "Primary Contact" selection at the bottom of the screen. Note: If you can only view/edit your own contacts changing this setting to someone other than yourself will cause you to no longer see this contact. Only the person you change it to or an account admin will be able to give it back to you.