Ensure that new clients are entered into Rocket Referrals and fix data issues
Having updated and accurate data inside Rocket Referrals is important, not only to get more online reviews, but to ensure you’re getting the most out of the system. That being said, new clients – having just had a positive on-boarding experience – are more likely to actively promote their insurance agency. Therefore, it is important that all new clients are entered inside Rocket Referrals as soon as possible. They do this by ensuring any integrations are working properly or updated contact lists are imported regularly (preferably once every week). They should also make sure their Rocket Referrals plan is able to accommodate additional contacts (isn’t maxed out).

Collect more email addresses
Email addresses are required to send NPS survey and online review requests. Rocket Referrals has specific reports available to help clients identify missing email addresses of their clients. There are also methods available that leverage our handwritten cards that can be used to encourage clients to provide their email addresses to your business.

Make sure referral sources are entered
Clients that have given a referral are much more likely to do so again. They are also more likely to give online reviews. That’s why agents should ensure referrals are properly tracked. This includes either entering them manually inside Rocket Referrals, or inside their agency management system and they are transferring over correctly.

Referral sources don’t have to be entered immediately after the referral was given. Agents should also take the time to enter prior referrals. This way the system can properly pinpoint promoters that would be a great fit for a review request.

Concentrate on the most important review platforms
Insurance agents are best off sending clients to review platforms that make the most sense for their industry. These include Google and Facebook. For this reason, we suggest turning off Yelp inside Rocket Referrals so that more people are sent to review sites they are more likely to respond to and have the largest effect on local SEO.

Make use of our universal review link
Rocket Referrals has a universal review link available to users so they can leverage our algorithm that sends users to multiple third party review sites. A common use could be on a business website or email signature with a button or hyperlink titled “Review us here” or “Leave a review”. Additionally, agents could use this review link to send to clients following a positive experience with the agency.

This URL uses the same algorithm as the Online Review Requests in determining the optimum review site to send the user to. It will automatically cycle between the preferred review sites and provide a simple and user friendly interface.

Utilize this feature by clicking on the Universal Review Link button and copying the URL displayed. You have the freedom of using this URL within any email, website, or social media profile.

Custom Facebook campaign
We have put together a unique and very effective method of ramping up online reviews leveraging social media. Check it out in detail by reading this blog post.